The Diwan school in Lorient celebrated its 30th anniversary in June 2009. Located at the heart of the Le Manio* neighbourhood, it is but a 5 minutes walk from the street rue de Belgique and from many bus stops, as well as being easily accessible from the express way. The school occupies a large L-shaped building with direct access to a nice courtyard lined with green bushes and trees, where the children can be watched easily.

Diwan welcomes your child from the first year of maternelle (2 years old) up to CM2 (10 years old).


*see access map

Diwan, a modern school, free and secular

Diwan's choice of education is immersion. Breton is the main language for communication and learning. Diwan is a school under contract with the government, which means that the educational programs are the same as in any other school. The French language has its role too, and from the CE1 on (6 years old), English is taught for an hour and half weekly, also by immersion.


Diwan's purpose is to ensure the future of the Breton language. But it is also to offer your child all the advantages of an early bi-lingual development (cf. Gilbert Dalgalian).


Diwan is free of charges and open to all, with no distinction in origin, culture nor  in religion. Education in Diwan is non-religious.


Small groups of children taught by professional teachers, a large range of activities, and the use of the new technologies offer the best environment for your child to start school. Diwan is an associative school** where teachers and parents are partners in the running of the school. The parents fully participate in the life and the development of the school.


**see section AEP

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